Best dental crowns treatment in Undri

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Best dental crowns treatment in Undri
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The crowns are a tooth-shaped cover that fits the tooth that is put above the tooth surface. They are usually put over the damaged or the decayed tooth. The Crowns are popularly called Caps. Crowns are important as they help a tooth to function longer and prevent it from getting more damaged.
What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown, also called a cap, is an artificial dental restoration or prosthesis that is placed over a damaged tooth by your dentist. The primary purpose of a dental crown is to restore the function and aesthetics of that tooth by reinforcing its structure. A dental crown is fitted over your existing tooth structure using a dental adhesive(oral cement).

Best dental crowns treatment in Undri

When do You Need a Dental Crown?

You will be advised a dental crown by your dentist if you have a tooth that is weakened or broken by decay or a large filling. Other reasons for a dental crown include:

  • To improve the appearance of a discolored tooth
  • To restore form and function of a broken, worn-out or fractured tooth
  • After a root canal treatment to strengthen the crown portion of the tooth
  • As part of a dental bridges when a missing tooth or teeth need to be replaced
  • On top of an implant to replace a missing tooth
  • In case of a tooth that has a large cavity and the filling is too large

    Dental crowns are not just for adults but are also given to children in the following cases:


  • To protect teeth that are highly susceptible to tooth decay due to poor oral hygiene

  • To save a tooth that has been severely damaged due to decay

  • In children who require multiple and frequent oral treatments but cannot be administered frequent general anesthesia

What Happens Between Visits?
Once your tooth is prepared for a dental crown and measurements are made, your dentist will fix a temporary crown on the prepared teeth to protect it from decay and fracture until the final crown is fitted. You will need to take extra care of this crown as it is not as strong as the permanent one but is placed only to protect your teeth. You can go about life as usual between the visits.

Best dental crowns treatment in Undri

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How is tooth prepared for Crown?
The amount of the tooth substance removed will be the same as the thickness of the crown to be fitted. Tooth preparation is done to bring about optimum occlusal and axial reduction to establish retention and resistance form so that the crown does not get dislodged. It is not a painful procedure and anesthesia is administered before tooth preparation. For more details visit Best dental crowns treatment in Undri
Q.2 What if you fail to put a crown?
Root canal treated tooth is non vital and more susceptible to fracture. Performing routine root canal treatment requires drilling through the tooth substance to gain access to pulp chamber. However, this would require removal of bulk of tooth substance, thus weakening it. If the tooth fractures in a way that renders it irreparable, then it will need to be extracted. For more details visit Best dental crowns treatment in Undri
Q.3 Is Root Canal Treatment always needed before crown placement?
Root canal treated tooth need crown restoration. But, all teeth that need crowns do not require root canal treatment. The need for root canal treatment depends on whether the tooth pulp is infected or inflamed and painful, or if a very significant portion of the tooth substance is missing. For more details visit Best dental crowns treatment in Undri

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