Best dental bridges treatment in Undri

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Best dental bridges treatment in Undri
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Best dental bridges treatment in Undri

Dental Bridges also known as the fixed prosthesis is used for replacing one or more teeth. Once fixed, the dental bridges cannot be removed easily. For fixing it in a proper position, dental bridges take the support of the artificial teeth and the adjacent teeth. When there is missing teeth, dental bridges help in chewing the food more easily.
What Are Dental Bridges?
Dental bridges are artificial replacements of missing teeth. They contain three or more units that fill the gap left by a missing tooth. Dental bridges are fixed restorations that contain crowns(also called abutments) that take support from adjacent teeth and the artificial teeth(called pontic) to replace the missing teeth. Since dental bridges are fixed, they cannot be easily removed at home. Dental bridges are extremely routine procedures that are performed by our team at Sabka Dentist clinics. Let’s understand more about them.
Why Should You Get a Dental Bridge?
  • Your bite gets deranged
  • Food lodgment occurs in the gap created by the missing tooth
  • Alignment problems arise as teeth start moving into the space
  • Subsequent chewing problems
  • Pain in the jaw due to increased biting force on the teeth
  • Speech problems as your tongue comes in contact with your teeth to allow you to speak properly

Best dental bridges treatment in Undri

What Does a Dental Bridge Look Like?

In the mouth, a dental bridge is often unnoticeable when done well. However, every bridge has the following two parts:

  • One or more pontics
  • One or more abutments
  • A pontic is that part of the bridge that replaces the missing tooth/teeth. Abutment is that part of a dental bridge that are crowns placed on the adjacent teeth to anchor or support the dental bridge. For example, in order to replace one missing tooth, one pontic and two abutments on the adjacent teeth are required. This makes it a 3-unit bridge.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q.1 Can a bridge be done on front teeth?
Yes. Bridges can be used as replacement for front teeth. However, there should be adequate support from periodontally sound abutments. For more details you can visit Best dental bridges treatment in Undri
Q.2 Can a dental bridge replace 2 missing teeth?
Yes. A Dental Bridge can replace 2 or more missing teeth as long as there are sufficient number of abutments to provide support to the prosthesis. For more details you can visit Best dental bridges treatment in Undri
Q.3 What is a Pontic tooth?
A Pontic is an artificial tooth on fixed partial denture that replaces missing tooth, restores it’s function and occupies the space previously occupied by natural crown.

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