Tooth Extraction treatment in Undri

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Tooth Extraction treatment in Undri
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In tooth extraction, the tooth is removed from the dental socket area. The tooth is usually removed when there is some crack, decay, any other sort of damaging of the tooth. When the protection of the tooth becomes very difficult, then surgical extraction becomes necessary. For more details visit Tooth Extraction treatment in Undri.

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth extraction is done to remove your third molars(also called wisdom teeth) that erupt right at the end of your upper and lower jaws. They are called wisdom teeth because these permanent molars erupt at a mature age between 17-20 years. Did you know that wisdom teeth do not help you bite or chew? Well, its true!

What Is Tooth Extraction
If you are experiencing a tooth problem and your dentist has suggested the tooth extraction then you will firstly think of what is tooth extraction? Here, you must understand in tooth extraction, the tooth is removed from the location. The tooth extraction is usually done when the tooth is decayed or damaged due to certain reasons.
How Do You Prepare for a Wisdom Extraction Of the Tooth?

Wisdom tooth extraction is always performed as an outpatient procedure at the dental clinic itself. You can go home after the extraction is completed. Once your extraction is scheduled, your dentist will give you a few instructions that you need to follow before coming for the extraction on the decided date. Few instructions that you may be given include:

  • Have a heavy meal before your extraction
  • You might want to get someone along to drive you back home
  • You will be advised to arrive atleast 15-20mins before your extraction time to acquaint you with the procedure and the dos and don’ts
  • If you are taking prescription medicines for conditions like diabetes, hypertension, etc., your dentist will advise you to take the medicine as per your usual time
  • If you are an asthmatic, you should carry your inhaler with you for the procedure. For more details visit Tooth Extraction treatment in Undri.

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