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Best gum Treatment in Undri
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Best gum Treatment in Undri

Gum Surgery is bound to be done when the gum disease problem goes beyond a certain extent. Gum disease when not treated at the initial stage can lead to different oral health issues like loss of bone, weakening of tooth support, or tooth loss. Gum surgery can eliminate these problems by removing the infected gum area and control the infection spreading. For more details visit Best gum Treatment in Undri

What is periodontal surgery?
Periodontal surgery or periodontal treatment is a procedure done to manage signs of periodontal disease activity i.e. needed to stop progressive bone loss and regenerate lost bone where possible. It is done to prevent tooth loss, gap between teeth, bleeding gums and bad breath to restore periodontal health.

Best gum Treatment in Undri

Why would you need Gum Surgery?

The main goal of periodontal flap surgery is to get rid of any diseased tissue through a small incision at the junction of gum and teeth. The gum tissue then cuts off a flap-like section that gives the dentist easy access to the ligaments and bone tissues. This installation of the diseased tissue, bone or ligaments is removed and then the teeth are cleaned intensely. The cleaning process helps to get rid of any harmful bacteria, plaque or even calculus.

In the periodontal flap surgery, the flap is folded back in its original position and then sealed to initiate a rapid healing procedure. A number of techniques can be utilized to perform this procedure including a hi-tech method that involves using chemicals and even bone grafting. Patients who undergo flap surgery aims to restore healthy gum and secure anchoring of teeth. For more details visit Best gum Treatment in Undri

Why is it done?
Most of the people choose to undergo gum surgery to prevent extreme gum diseases like periodontitis that can not only damage the gum and teeth but also the underline bones. People after undergoing a flap surgery must maintain good oral hygiene in order to sustain clean teeth and healthy gum.
What happens during the surgery?

Most of the dental surgeons usually perform dental flap surgery under local or general anesthesia depending on the severity of the condition. However, in 90% of the procedures, the surgery involves using a local anesthetic to numb the area of treatment. Each procedure may take around 2 hours to complete the procedure even though that depends on the type of procedure that the patient chooses to undergo. The medical equipment that is used by the dental surgeon is sterile equipment that reduces the chances of any infection.

As the first step of dental flap surgery, the surgeons usually make a tiny incision along the gum line and the dentist usually lifts up the gum flap to reach up to the roots. Then they remove the diseased bone or tissue and clean away the presence of any plaque, tartar. After this procedure, the surgeon usually deep cleans the teeth and also performs other procedures like gum reshaping, bone regeneration or other procedures. For more details visit Best gum Treatment in Undri

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